"Build a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of his life."

Terry Pratchett

Julian Traas* welcomes you to your new haven.
A realm bursting with delirium and brimming with possibilities.

Julian is a mercenary; by that, he means his skills are for hire and his loyalties lie with the job at hand. Not that he swings a broadsword in an attempt to prematurely end other beings. Heavens, no. He only wishes he could do that.

In other words, the prospect of battling barbaric, boarish brutes - and the assurance of a bitter and swift demise - has its perks. But this is not the activity in which Julian R. Traas chooses to engage.

He has dedicated himself to writing since age eleven and has been drawing since his seventh birthday. He started off with demons and worked his way up from there (geographically).

The only thing he loathes more than complacency, and dill seasoning, is the absence of logic. Antilogic (TM!), if you will, is what he strives to eradicate, in all its forms. So, while some - MOST - of what you will find here is madness, there is assuredly a method skulking behind the long, sweeping curtains.

This is one wizard, however, who won't be doling out hearts. No, it is with heads that you get your thinking done. And Julian, while not the wisest, values the power of persuasive philosophical performance and purgery will never be propounded in these premises.

To those who read that aloud: Congratulations, you've just decked your LCD with saliva. Bring forth the special wet-wipes!

All distractions aside, opportunity is his favorite word, and he is willing to work for it. So, if this site has caught your fancy, take a gander at the menu to the left.

Julian hopes you find that for which you search. (No prepositions at sentence-end!)


*See arrogant-looking fool on the right.

"All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers."

Francois Fenelon 

My Mission:


  • To produce the finest literary and artistic material possible, to the best of my abilities.
  • To keep my creations unique and my writing inspired.
  • To give my readers, however few or many they are, an enjoyable experience.
  • To never allow myself the short-cut of a super-inflated ego.

 I read in Wired Magazine that Google and Facebook are about to have a war, that the first battles are underway even now.

I've drawn my line in the sand:

 Pick a side, we're at war!

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