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    Julian R. Traas:



    - is a writer/artist who dabbles in the Martial Arts, Latin and just about anything they haven’t kicked him out of yet.


    - is a mild cynic who bounces in and out of dark idealism. He finds sarcasm to be Man’s greatest achievement.


    -is 20 years of age but has the soul of a cantankerous 87 year old wretch.


    -‘s middle name, Raphael, comes from the Arch-Angel, not the Ninja Turtle.


    - naturally assumes that everyone is interested in the minutia of his life.


    - has lived in five countries spanning three continents and can speak English, Dutch and French fluently. Currently, he’s attempting Spanish.


    - knows without question that his favorite author is Terry Pratchett, of Discworld fame.


    - up until very recently, still made use of Photoshop v7 back from ’01. Pity him!


    - is struggling to learn the finer points of Adobe Illustrator. Advice is appreciated.


    - plays Wii games


    - is Cho Dahn Bo (Black Belt Candidate, or Red Belt with 3 Tags) rank in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan. While no longer a member, he had the honor of studying under Grandmaster Kim Tong Mun.


    - enjoys hearing from the odd passersby (a.k.a “The Stumblers”) who find this site. Please visit the Chew the Fat page where you can do just about anything but LITERALLY chew fat.

    -'s laptop is named TheGodMachine.

    -knows beyond a flicker of a shadow of a doubt that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are two of the most intelligent men alive.

    -is the Secretary of the Student Government Association at Georgia Perimeter College.

    -, because of the above bullet, has revived the ancient Julii Faction. Anyone is free to join, as long as they are upright, strong-willed, righteous-minded and loyal to the People and not the Politics. SEMPER SENATVS POPVLVSQVE PERIMETERVM!



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