Silas Jackson & Julian Traas 

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“Ligeia/Bryndt” follows the inner and outer journeys of two unlikely companions, who are bound to each other by an immutable destiny they cannot understand. One, an elfin priestess, has suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of humanity. The other, a human warrior, has been exiled from his own land. Purpose is what they seek, in an age that has surrendered reason for power and justice for greed.

Her heart torn asunder by profound inner conflict, Ligeia seeks to balance the peaceful ideals of her clement, harmless teachers against the seething rage which fills her–and her tireless drive for revenge against the men who have taken all. Bryndt has been irrevocably disconnected from his home; adrift in the world, he has lost his purpose, his memories, and himself. When the two must unite against a novel foe, arising to menace both their races, opposites as stark as those found in the warring Gods of Ligeia’s religion must strike a counterpoise, by which all creation may be pulled from the maw of dissolution. 

A fiendish sect of priests and priestesses
--persecuted turned persecutors--is moving to lash back against humanity; driven to madness by the horrors they have witnessed–-animated only by an insatiable thirst for death-–these lunatic elves wish to corrupt the arcane crafts of their kind, and turn their magical force towards destruction. Meanwhile, drawn towards the floundering of a world in turmoil, an ancient, formless darkness stirs from the deepest recesses of elfin lore: claiming mortal vessels through which to channel its malice into the mortal plane, this darkness deems the time has come to reclaim its dominion. Light and dark, good and evil, life and death; each side of the contrast is made whole by virtue of its opposite. Ligeia knows this through the mystic teachings of her ancient religion; but she must bring her abstracted understanding of the world to terms with her jarring, fearful experience of it. 

In an unprecedented move of stylization, Ligeia/Bryndt is the joint work of two authors–each presenting the gripping narrative in the greatly differing perspectives of the two protagonists.



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